Professional Development

EMATHS professional learning experiences provide secondary mathematics teachers the opportunity to: 1) increase content knowledge and have deeper insights into mathematics, 2) maximize the effective use of technology in instruction, 3) use research-based pedagogy to create models of instruction that incorporate communication, inquiry and investigation; and 4) implement formative assessment for improved instruction in Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra I.

EMATHS has developed three separate courses and offers three different delivery models for each course. The three courses are Implementing the Algebra I Units, Implementing the Geometry Units, and Implementing the Algebra II Units. The three models are described below.

Face-to-Face Collaborative Workshops

Each of the three EMATHS courses can be delivered as 8 six-hour days. The eight days can be delivered as two 4-day workshops during the summer, four 2-day workshops during the school year, a mix of school days and weekend days, or a mix of school days and summer days.
To learn more, contact Marie Copeland or Mike Lehman.

Online Courses

EMATHS courses are available as an asynchronous 12-week facilitated program. Participants are given a 12-week time frame to complete the activities and submit to a facilitator for review and comment. Enrollment in online courses is typically kept small so that participants develop a sense of community with one another and the facilitator. A comment-posting feature encourages dialogue among the participants.
To learn more, contact Debbie Ferry.

Blended Learning Model

The courses can be customized for a blended learning experience. A site may elect to have their own facilitator for a group of participants or an experienced facilitator can be provided. The site may determine the time frame for the online course as well as choose dates for face-to-face session(s).
To learn more, contact Debbie Ferry.